5 Benefits of Boilers

January 20, 2020

5 Benefits of BoilersYou have several options when it comes to heating your home. You may opt to place space heaters in strategic places, to install a furnace, or to acquire a boiler. Boilers are used less often than furnaces but offer several benefits.

Here are five benefits that boilers offer.

1. Long Life Span

The life span of a boiler is the same as a furnace. A furnace manufactured today can last up to 15 years. So can a boiler. Electrical boilers usually last up to 10 years, while their gas counterparts last about 15 years.

2. Create Heating Zones

A boiler allows you to create heat zones. Instead of hot air being forced into the ducts and being distributed throughout your home, a boiler allows you to pick what room gets heated. HVAC professionals simply advise you to not lower the temperatures in other rooms too far down when temperatures begin to drop outside.

3. Less Breeze

Furnaces are forced-air units that distribute the air throughout the home. This means that you may feel a warm breeze in your home. A boiler does not do this, so you can be more comfortable while being cozy in the heat.

4. Quieter

Since the boiler does not need a fan to spread heat, a boiler is a quieter way of heating your home. This is a plus for those who have sensitive hearing. This is a nice perk for those who are lite sleepers, too. You can heat your home at night without the noise.

5. Heats Low

A wonderful benefit a boiler offers is that the air penetrates through the floor instead from the top. Since a furnace pushes the hot air through the ducts, the vents are usually located toward the top of the walls. A boiler heats the floor instead. As you walk through your home, your feet will experience the warmth, which is something that some people prefer.

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