5 Reasons Why a Mini-Split System Is Right for You

May 15, 2023
Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Olathe, KS

Mini-split systems work on the same principle as heat pumps. Operating without ductwork, these systems use a combination of a condenser and an evaporator to heat and cool your home. They have inverter technology, which allows them to adjust heating and cooling output depending on the temperature conditions of the rooms they are located in. The system does so by sampling the air around it and altering the compressor speed accordingly.

The condensers are usually located in unobtrusive outdoor spaces, such as the back of your home. They are responsible for distributing refrigerant through copper tubing connected to one or several indoor units. Mini-splits are highly efficient compared to other HVAC systems because they recycle energy. In addition, these systems use electricity instead of gas, making them ideal for someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. The following are some additional reasons why a mini-split could be the right choice for you and your home.

1. Zoning

Some homeowners want greater control of their home’s heating and cooling in specific areas. Luckily, mini-split systems can give you such control. You get to control each indoor unit separately, allowing you to determine what zones should be cooled and which ones should not. You may decide to keep the rooms or zones you spend most of your time cooler or warmer while switching off the units in unoccupied areas.

2. Energy Savings

Ductless mini-splits are much more energy efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. Zoning particularly helps with energy savings as there is no unnecessary energy usage. Additionally, mini-split systems are ductless, meaning there is no efficiency lost through ductwork as air is delivered directly from the system into the room where it is needed. Aside from that, many mini-split systems are manufactured with the current standard SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, meaning they are built for energy savings. Lower energy consumption means you will see a significant difference in your monthly energy bills.

3. Easy Installation

When you think about upgrading your air conditioning, some of the things you may fear most are the cost and how complex the installation can be. However, when you decide to go ductless, you do not have to worry about any of that. These systems can heat and cool your home without requiring any ductwork. Therefore, the installation of a mini-split system is generally less invasive. Mini-splits also take up significantly less space in your home and are cheaper to maintain.

4. Quiet Operation

Conventional AC systems contain several moving parts. Therefore, they emit a low-level hum when in operation. If the unit is poorly maintained, the noise levels may become much louder and can even be troublesome. However, with a ductless mini-split system, the major parts of the system are placed outside. Their technology allows the compressor to ramp up or down slowly, depending on the air conditions.

5. Inverter Technology

A ductless mini-split system offers you both heating and cooling capabilities in one system, which is known as inverter technology. As a result, you can take control of your indoor temperature all year round to reap the full benefit of your purchase. Mini-splits can operate at very low temperatures without needing backup components. The inverter technology also enables the system to reach the required temperature quickly with low-temperature variations.

The Bottom Line

Many homeowners may have heard about ductless mini-split systems by now, but not all of them understand the advantages of installing such units in their homes. Even though installing these units at first may be a bit expensive, they will save you more money in the long run. They require little to no maintenance and have high energy savings, some of the perks that make these systems right for you.

Call the Experts

Now that you know the perks of having a mini-split, you may need professional advice as well as installation. At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we have a team of experts that can help you get your job done professionally. We serve the residents of Olathe and the surrounding areas. Consider giving us a call today at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, even for emergency services. We are also experts in all other heating and cooling services. If you need assistance with your indoor air quality, heat pumps, and boilers, we are always willing to help.

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