5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

October 15, 2019

With the temperatures dropping in autumn and winter, you’ll want to ensure that your heating system doesn’t raise your bills too much. Consider these five tasks for a more efficient heating unit and a warmer home.

1. Air Filter Replacement

This is an essential job, and virtually any homeowner can handle it alone. The frequency of replacement depends on the material used. Fiberglass filters last around 30 days whereas pleated filters can last between three and six months. Dirty filters will raise your energy bills because they block airflow and put stress on the heating unit.

2. Thermostat Programming

Try to set the thermostat temperature as close to the temperature outside as possible. Before going out or retiring to bed, bring the temperature to the mid- or upper-60s. If you forget and the home becomes freezing, don’t raise the temperature to an excessive degree; this won’t make the system heat any faster.

3. Regular Heating Maintenance

The heating system itself can develop issues that prevent it from operating at its peak, and the effect will soon be felt in your wallet. At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we provide regular tune-ups for homeowners throughout Olathe, KS. These can cover filter replacement, duct cleaning, thermostat calibration, and more.

4. Attic and Wall Insulation

You’ll probably want to add more layers of insulation to the attic, basement, and wall cavities. If the R-value on the existing insulation is low, consider an upgrade. Insulation with a higher R-value will more effectively keep the warm air in your home where it belongs.

5. Weatherstripping

The insulation won’t benefit you much, though, if your attic, windows, and doors are full of openings to the outside. Seal the cracks and gaps with caulking, spray foam, or other materials.

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