7 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

October 20, 2020

You rely on your furnace to keep you warm during a cold winter. Your heating system is designed to be able to run day and night. Unfortunately, your furnace may at times stop working accordingly. A unit that starts blowing cold air could leave you freezing in your own home. It is important to correctly troubleshoot your furnace failure if you’re looking for a quick turnaround. Luckily, our technicians are well-equipped with all the necessary tools needed to repair your furnace correctly. We’ll accurately identify your issue no matter the size or scope.

The following are seven common problems that can cause your furnace to emit cold air.

1. Dirty Filters

If your furnace keeps blowing cold air, you may notice that your air filter is too dirty. Dust and debris in your indoor environment can usually accumulate around the filters. A clogged filter means that airflow will be blocked over the heat exchanger. This is what leads to the emission of cold air. It is important to clean both the oil and air filters frequently. If a filter is too dusty or aging, it is a good idea to replace it altogether.

2. Wrong Thermostat Setting

Another important thing to check is your thermostat setting. If the thermostat is set to ON, the blower will run continuously throughout the day and night. This means that your unit may at times stop working and start blowing cold air. To ensure that your furnace returns to its usual operation, the furnace should be set to AUTO. This setting will ascertain that your unit only runs when it is heating the air. Hence, you won’t have to worry about cold air being given off when your system is not heating the room.

3. Failing Pilot Light

An older furnace can also have a malfunctioning pilot light that could lead to numerous issues. A pilot light that’s gone out will disrupt your unit’s ability to produce heat. In order to fix this problem, you should inspect the thermocouple. If this fixture is broken, it won’t be able to come into physical contact with the flame in your system. It is also crucial to investigate the gas regulator and the pilot orifice.

4. Empty Oil Tank

If you possess a furnace that is fired by oil, your issue could simply arise from an empty oil tank. An empty tank could also cause various issues such as clogged filters, unit damage and even condensation in the tank. Remember to stock up on heating oil especially during the winter months.

5. Electronic Control Glitch

For a newer model, the problem could arise from a malfunction in the electric control panel. It is important to watch out for loose wires, a blown fuse or even a faulty starting capacitor. Electric furnace problems can be frustrating especially when they occur at an inconvenient time. Make sure that your electrical problems are resolved by a professional, experienced and trained technician. Trust our team to handle your unit expertly and safely. We’ll get the job done correctly.

6. Overheated Unit

A furnace that blows cold air could also indicate that it is overheating. This usually arises if you haven’t changed your air filter routinely. If the filter becomes clogged, the unit can start to overheat and cause the burner to shut down. When this happens, your system will be unable to produce warm or hot air. This type of failure can be resolved by simply replacing the filter and restarting the furnace.

7. Clogged Flame Sensor

Finally, your furnace could be discharging cold air due to a clogged flame sensor. Several issues could make your flame sensor dirty. These include carbon buildup and the presence of dust and debris. If the sensor is visibly covered with soot, it is time to clean it. This should be done carefully with a light grain sandpaper, a wire brush or steel wool.

Tried-and-Tested Furnace Repair

You can count on our certified technicians to go over your failing unit diligently. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to diagnosing the issues with your furnace. Please call us today in order to find out more information about troubleshooting your furnace malfunction. Our team at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling has served Olathe, KS, and the Greater Kansas City Area for many years with heating, cooling and indoor air quality services. We vow to leave your furnace operating in top condition for the long haul.

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