To manage your home’s comfort, avoid mold and mildew, and even save on energy, a whole-house dehumidifier installation in Olathe, KS by Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling really helps. It lets you control your home’s humidity levels year-round, independent of any effect your AC use has. When the muggy weather kicks in as summer arrives, you’ll have dial to set that keeps your home comfortable. For folks who already rely on them, we offer dehumidifier repair if you need it, and dehumidifier maintenance along with the rest of your HVAC gear in Olathe.

    Professional Whole House Dehumidifier Installation

    Is your home a bit humid at times throughout the year? Experts suggest around 30-50 percent for comfortable humidity. Here in Olathe, we’re usually well above that, up around 60-70 percent. Having your home’s humidity controlled helps in a number of ways, including reducing moisture in your HVAC ducts and on surfaces where mold and mildew grows. It’s harder to cool off in humid air, even with the AC on, and you’re more likely to run the AC higher because of that. Properly tuned AC does reduce your humidity, but it’s based on how much AC you use. Our highest humidity months are in midwinter, when AC isn’t a great choice. With whole-house dehumidifier installation, you can choose heat and dehumidify together. Our team loves to follow up with HVAC care, and we’re glad to include your dehumidifier maintenance with other services, or separately. Dehumidifier repairs are easy to order from us if you need them.

    Benefits of a whole house dehumidifier installation include:
    • Energy savings from lower AC setting in summer
    • Dehumidifying without running AC in winter
    • Comfortable air, healthier home
    • Better for wood, paper, and other moisture-sensitive items

    Skilled Dehumidifier Repair in Olathe

    Dehumidifier repairs and installation are two of the many convenient and personalized services we offer for your comfort in Olathe. We’re Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, providers of exceptional service and HVAC products. Our company was founded in 2004, and our founder has the wisdom of 36 years in the business. We custom design and install HVAC for new construction as well, so you can start with great indoor comfort from day one in your new home. We do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable at home and receiving the best customer services and workmanship when you deal with us. Enjoy our flexible scheduling at your convenience. We look forward to getting to know you!

    Are you ready for more comfortable air and energy savings in Olathe? Call Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling and find out about whole house dehumidifier installation today!