Furnace Installation in Independence, MOIf you’re in need of furnace installation in Independence, MO, or the surrounding area, you can trust the experts at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling for high-quality services. Dealing with furnace issues is inconvenient and can leave your home very uncomfortable. A new unit can restore your comfort and help you save on your energy bills each month. New furnaces also offer modern features and better heating. Opting for a furnace replacement could be a great investment in your home.

    Furnace Installation for Residents in Independence

    You don’t want to request a furnace installation in Independence without being fully informed. Since a furnace replacement will cost you several thousand dollars, you should be sure that alternatives ways of moving forward just won’t cut it. Take repairs, for example. Costly repairs for a furnace that has exceeded 15 or even 20 years would probably not be worth it; the system would break down again, perhaps before the end of the next heating season.

    You want to consider the level of wear and tear that your system has incurred. If frequent repairs have done nothing to improve heating, then definitely look into a replacement. Short cycling, extremely long cycles, and air that’s never as warm as you like are all issues that one should never have to endure.

    Other times, homeowners can’t help but replace their system; maybe you added a new room to your home and have even extended the ductwork to it, in which case you’ll need a larger system to provide for the greater square footage. Whatever your situation looks like, you’ll want an experienced furnace technician to advise you through each step.

    If you indeed require a new furnace, the technician will help you find one that suits your home and your budget. He or she will start by:
    • Performing a load calculation
    • Measuring the home’s size
    • Looking at your insulation levels
    • Measuring the rate of heat loss
    • Numbering the windows
    • Seeing how much sun exposure the home gets

    Local Furnace Replacement Done RightOne needs to know these things before selecting a product because each furnace comes with a different heating capacity. You don’t want something that’s oversized or undersized to avoid problems with short cycling and inadequate heating.

    Besides a furnace, you may want to purchase a new thermostat. Smart thermostats allow you to control settings remotely and can save you lots of money in the long run. You may also consider zoning controls for your system, which would be another project in itself. Independence residents should know that the furnace installation will take between four and eight hours.

    Local Furnace Replacement Done Right

    Established in 2004, Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling can provide installations and other work backed by nearly 40 years of experience. We’re a top Lennox dealer, having won their Circle of Excellence Award every year between 2014 and 2020, and we carry a wide range of gas and oil furnaces, as well as smart thermostats with Wi-Fi compatibility and humidity and zoning controls. We also carry gas furnaces from the Mike Bryant Signature Series. Our office is located in Olathe on East 123rd Terrace, just off of the East Kansas City Road.

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