Heat pumpsAt Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we guarantee the best service possible when we care for heat pumps in Leawood, KS. Heat pumps run non-stop all year long to provide your indoor temperature control. All HVAC systems, especially heat pumps that can both heat and cool, require regular service to keep them functioning.

    While maintenance can minimize the most common issues, you may still infrequently need to call for heat pump repair. Let our skilled team handle this as well as your residential heat pump maintenance and installation concerns in Leawood.

    Leawood, KS Heat Pumps

    After months of use, you may find your heat pump won’t kick on when you change your temperature settings. There’s a chance the system isn’t receiving any power from the circuit breaker or some electrical connections have come loose. The problem could also be because of faulty wiring inside your thermostat. If your heat pump won’t turn off and runs constantly, you could have a faulty compressor or compromised ductwork that’s leaking your treated air into uninsulated areas.

    It’s not uncommon for heat pump owners to run into defrost issues during the winter. Your heat pump has a built-in defrost cycle that stops the external unit from accumulating frost or completely freezing over. However, this function can become compromised if the system starts struggling with a refrigerant leak or a faulty reversing valve. Refrigerant issues are typically accompanied by bubbling or hissing noises as well as a chemical-like formaldehyde odor.

    Homeowners constantly struggling with HVAC repairs or system shutdowns may need to consider a heat pump installation. Systems older than 10 to 15 years are often weighed down by inefficient, worn-out parts past their prime. Your heat pump may no longer have the efficiency to keep up with your home’s comfort requirements. The system will continue to eat up more energy each month while pumping out less heating and cooling. Outdated systems are also more prone to sudden breakdowns, electrical emergencies, odd smells and sounds, and leaking.

    Fixing Heat pump
    Upgrading your home’s comfort with a heat pump installation will provide you with many benefits.
    • New warranty
    • Superior SEER rating
    • Fewer service needs
    • Improved indoor air quality

    While repairs and installations are vital but infrequent service needs, it’s best to schedule heat pump maintenance annually. During an HVAC tune-up, your technician will boost your system’s efficiency by lubricating various moving parts and checking your refrigerant level. They’ll tighten electrical connections while examining the security of your circuit breaker. Heating and cooling maintenance appointments also include surveying the quality of your ductwork and checking your air filter usage. Your HVAC expert will give you a complete diagnostic evaluation of the condition of your heat pump and tell you how to maximize its life span and usefulness.

    Dedicated Heat Pump Repair Team in Leawood, KS

    You can always trust us at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling to put your household’s comfort first. Our BBB-accredited HVAC company started helping local families in 2004. We’ve since grown into an award-winning business that promises flexible scheduling, fair pricing, and 24/7 emergency repairs. We provide free estimates on new installations and will maintain or service any heat pump make or model.

    People throughout Leawood schedule service for their heat pumps with our specialists, so call us at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling today.