Heat pumpsTrust the expert technicians at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling to service your heat pumps in Shawnee, KS. Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient indoor climate control systems that deliver consistent year-round temperature control. To ensure they stay in the best condition possible, they need regular service and sometimes, heat pump repair. Constantly producing heating or cooling can wear down their components and make the system noisier and less reliable. Count on our team to help you with all your heat pump maintenance and installation needs in Shawnee.

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    Heat pumps have two major coils responsible for controlling the system’s heating and cooling output. The outdoor coil is constantly exposed to the elements as well as inclement weather, dirt, and other airborne debris. The indoor coil located in or on your air handler tends to attract contaminants like hair, dander, and mold spores. Regular maintenance will keep these essential components clean and safe from premature rusting or fungal growth. If the pollutant buildup gets too much, the excessive strain on the motors and fans can lead to the need for heat pump repairs.

    To limit your unexpected service calls, you should schedule heat pump maintenance annually. Our technicians from Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling will inspect and clean the unit while searching for potential safety or repair concerns. A routine tune-up includes examining the refrigerant line, securing connections, testing the defrost, and cleaning the condensate system. After checking every inch of your heat pump, most technicians write up a full diagnostic report with future service recommendations.

    Maintenance can limit your need for repairs, but you may still have to occasionally call for emergency service. It’s common for a heat pump to freeze in the winter if the defrost cycle malfunctions. This issue will stop your system from producing heat and can harm other system parts. If it happens during the winter, it’s often because of a low refrigerant level. Other heat pump problems include running constantly and blowing out cold air in heat mode.

    Fixing Heat pump
    Watch for these warning signs you may need heat pump repair services.
    • Musty or burning smells
    • Irregularly long or short cycles
    • Lack of consistent temperature control
    • Higher energy costs
    • New loud functioning noises

    The average heat pump will last around 10 to 15 years, but in ideal conditions, your system could have a lifespan of up to 25 years. The actual life expectancy depends on the model, yearly use, maintenance schedule, and location. A heat pump installation comes with the promise of improved energy efficiency and better safety. New systems also have fewer maintenance needs and boast renewed manufacturer’s warranties.

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    Count on BBB-accredited Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling to service your residential heat pump. Since we started in 2004, we’ve gained a reputation for flexible scheduling, personal customer service, and long-lasting HVAC results. Our team can service all heat pump makes and models, and we also offer 24/7 emergency repair service when you need immediate indoor comfort care. You can trust our locally-owned and licensed business to guarantee your peace of mind with our top-notch craftsmanship and long-lasting HVAC solutions.

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