How Does a Thermostat Work?

February 20, 2020

How Do Thermostat WorkAll thermostats are designed to read and control room temperatures by communicating with a heater or air conditioning system. The way this happens will depend on the type of thermostat your system uses. Thermostats can be found attached to the equipment or connected via wires and mounted on the wall for easy access. Some models are wireless and operate using a battery.

Types of Thermostats

Your home thermostat is either electronic or mechanical. Most modern homes have electronic thermostats with a digital readout. Older homes may have a mechanical thermostat. Electronic models use sensors to detect the temperature in the room. The data then triggers the system on or off to meet your settings. Mechanical thermostats use a bimetallic strip that expands and contracts according to the temperature in the room. The expansion and contraction process turns the system on and off.

How to Set a Thermostat

Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature for the season and let the equipment operate. Electronic thermostats can usually keep your environment within a degree or two of your chosen temperature. Mechanical thermostats aren’t quite as accurate. Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling is an award-winning company providing heating and cooling repairs in Olathe. We can send a skilled technician to your home to replace or repair your home’s thermostat.

Thermostats in Zoned Systems

Zoned indoor air systems use multiple thermostats to monitor temperatures in specific areas of the home. The thermostats are wired back to a main control panel that manages the opening and closing of the dampers in the ductwork. Each device reads the temperature in its zone and sends the information to the main control panel. The system then operates the dampers according to that zone’s settings.

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