How Does Geothermal Heating Work in the Winter?

January 20, 2021

When you’re thinking about upgrading the heating system in your home, consider installing a geothermal piping system. Geothermal energy systems are a reliable and easy to access alternative to traditional furnaces and electric heating equipment. Underground pipes and a heat pump are used to deliver the geothermal heat into the home. This system is easily installed in most neighborhoods in the United States and doesn’t require a well or geological feature.

If you think the ground is too cold to heat your floor plan in the winter, you’re only partially correct. While the topsoil and a few feet below it can freeze, the ground below that is warm and unaffected. In fact, ground temperatures around the world stay steady in the 45- to 75-degree range all year long. Geothermal heating systems offer a dependable way to bring that heat into your home.

Basics of Residential Geothermal Heating

A ground-source geothermal heat pump is a reliable alternative to traditional home heating systems. This system harnesses the constant heat in the ground to warm the air in your house. A series of buried pipes and a heat-absorbing fluid are combined to tap into the ground heat. An above-the-ground heat pump is connected to the loop to push the fluid through the loop of pipes.

Heat gathered from the soil, and rock surrounding the pipes flows from the pipe system through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger sends the warm air into the home’s distribution system. Distribution systems can include existing or newly installed air handlers, blowers, ventilation channels, and ductwork. The fluid in the pipes is then recirculated through the loop to create a constant flow of warmth and comfort into the home.

Geothermal Benefits for Homeowners

Underground heating sources operate quietly, are efficient, and last longer than traditional equipment. According to the Department of Energy, you can expect 24 years of use from your above-ground components. They also state that the pipes in the ground can last as much as 50 years. If you maintain your equipment properly, you can be assured of an extended useful life for your home’s heating system. You can see why homeowners are including geothermal components in their home heating and cooling upgrades.

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Important Installation Information

Working with an experienced installer is important when purchasing a geothermal heat pump. The right size equipment is needed to get the most from your system, and a knowledgeable estimator can determine this for you. Another factor that must be carefully crafted is the underground loop system. Its configuration and installation depth are critical to proper operation and long-term use.

Other components that affect an installation include soil consistency and backyard space. The property must have adequate yard space to allow for digging down deep enough to mobilize the heat and send it to the surface. If you’re concerned about initial costs, you’ll want to consider the overall energy savings of this type of unit. In most cases, this system uses a fraction of the electricity compared to a traditional furnace. If your electrical source is renewable, you could be well on your way to erasing your carbon footprint.

Heat Distribution During the Winter

Geothermal ground-source systems are designed to deliver heat throughout your home no matter what’s happening on the surface. A qualified installer will know how to meet your personal needs with the right design. In areas where a naturally heated geological water feature exists, you may be able to install a direct-use system instead. Consulting with an expert in your community should provide the answers you seek about using geothermal heating in the winter.

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