HVACAt Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we excel at taking care of your home HVAC in De Soto, KS. Since we started in 2004, we’ve strived to deliver personalized attention and premium heating and cooling service. We’re proud to be a BBB-accredited company that recognizes how essential your comfort systems are to your quality of life.

    Our expert team can efficiently and professionally service your furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or heat pump. Let us complete your annual maintenance and handle your emergency repair needs.

    HVAC Repairs in De Soto, KS

    Fighting back extreme weather temperatures can take a heavy toll on your heating and cooling systems, resulting in broken or compromised parts. Your heating system may need immediate service if the pilot light won’t stay lit or you’re noticing foul rotten egg odors. You may hear loud squealing or rumbling sounds or realize the internal blower fan won’t stop running.

    If your AC or furnace constantly trips your circuit breaker, there may be an issue with restricted airflow or a bad capacitor. You should never attempt do-it-yourself hacks on an appliance as complicated and expensive as your furnace or conditioner. Instead, trust experienced technicians who have industry-grade tools and training to repair your system’s integrity.

    Professional Heating Installation Company in De Soto, KS

    The lifespan of your major heating and cooling systems depends on factors like your climate, model, the quality of the installation, and your maintenance routine. Typically, residential furnaces have lifespans between 15 to 20 years while air conditioners and heat pumps last around 10 to 15 years. You’ll know it’s time for a replacement when your system starts needing more frequent service.

    Install Furnace

    It may be unable to meet your temperature preferences and will be more likely to short cycle, leak gas or develop electrical issues. New furnaces and air conditioners are exceptionally efficient and safe. They also come with wonderful bonuses like new warranties and the chance for rebates and tax credits.

    Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Maximize your indoor comfort systems’ lifespans by scheduling a tune-up at least once a year. This service entails inspecting every major aspect of your system, including the indoor and outdoor components, your thermostat, and the ductwork.

    Your technician will search for new signs of damage, rust, corrosion, or water issues. They’ll also clean away debris that’s accumulated over the past few months, tighten bolts, and lubricate moving parts.

    Enjoy these great benefits when you schedule annual maintenance.
    • Preserves warranty
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Less risk of shutdown
    • Healthier indoor air quality
    • More consistent temperatures
    Schedule your HVAC care appointment with the technicians at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling in De Soto today.