The Benefits of Humidifiers – Especially During Winter Months

November 15, 2018

HumidifierMore and more savvy homeowners are making the wise choice to add a whole-house humidifier to their interior space. This is especially essential during the winter months, but homeowners are coming to realize just how beneficial it can be, all year long.
Adding this type of indoor air quality enhancement is a way to invest back into your, and the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. You cannot have the home of your dreams if you do not even have access to quality air.

Improving Your Home – Starting With the Air Quality

As a Kansas City homeowner, you want to be able to feel as though you are doing your part to help make the most of your home. Yet while most people get caught up on interior painting and which flooring to select, not enough people think about the choices they make that should enhance the air they breathe.
Here are a few things that you should know about humidifiers:

One of the reasons that they are so commonly used is that it helps to reduce the likelihood of spreading germs. Viruses can travel with greater ease through dry air. Adding moisture makes it more of a challenge and helps prevent illness in the household, or at least the passing along of germs from one family member to another.

The air in your household tends to dry out in the winter when the heating system is being used. So, reintroducing moisture back into the air helps to alleviate dryness in areas like the nose and throat. This makes it much more comfortable when you do have cold symptoms or the flu. Plus, the recovery time is faster for conditions that have a humidifier in place, this goes for allergies too.

Dry air even impacts factors like your hair and skin. If you have chapped lips all winter long, you need more humidity in the air. Yet, the positive effects you feel you can enjoy from a whole-house humidifier – all year long.

With moist air, you will sleep easier, get better quality sleep and feel better when you wake up. Plus, this tends to help alleviate snoring which can help you sleep through the night without disruption.

Want to Learn More?

Let the indoor air quality experts here at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling provide you with the information you require to make a good choice. Don’t go another winter without the ease and comfort that a humidifier can provide. You will only wish that you had been able to do it much sooner.

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