Tips For Selecting the Right AC System

July 16, 2020

AC systemA properly functioning AC system keeps your home comfortable by regulating temperatures and humidity levels. It can also help reduce the presence of allergens, which can impact your health and well-being. Putting forth some due diligence when researching a new air conditioner is important. You can find the ideal system by consulting our team of professionals and considering the following factors.

1. Size of the System

Always pick the right unit for your space, so knowing the approximate square footage of your home in advance is helpful. When the AC system is too big, it will need to switch on and off to prevent consuming unnecessary amounts of energy. An oversized AC can cause issues with humidity control and excess moisture can increase the risk of mold growth and structural damage.

If your AC system is not large enough for your space, it will work too hard as it tries to dehumidify the room. This may cause increases in your monthly energy bills. Also, a system that is always running at maximum capacity is likely to require a lot of repairs long-term.

At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we can calculate the heating load for different zones. Our experienced professionals may take the square footage and the structure of the space to determine the required cooling capacity. Their analysis will help you choose cooling equipment that provides the ideal temperature control levels for your home.

2. The Climate in Your Region

Climate also plays a big role in the type of AC system or heat pump you choose. Weather gets warm and muggy in the summer and cold and dry in the winter in and around Olathe.

With extreme changes in weather, you may want to consider a high efficiency, variable speed system for humidity control. High moisture levels in summer can cause you discomfort and your HVAC equipment to malfunction.

Heat pumps normally operate by circulating heat using a compressor. They move air from the indoors to the outdoors during summer. The process is in reverse during the winter season. A unit with a two-stage compressor can manage moisture levels even when it is running at higher speeds with increased efficiency. Since they don’t have to heat, they generally consume less energy than most conventional residential systems and are an ideal fit for places with mild climates.

3. Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Another important component of an AC system is the programmable thermostat with humidity control. The device can automatically control the temperature while you are away. You can program your thermostat using presets that will cool the space at certain times of the day when you plan to use the room.

In short, the programmable thermostat automates the setting of temperatures to avoid wastage. Modern devices are simple to use and compatible with most systems.

The main objective of using the device is to save on utility bills. However, it has other advantages, such as flexibility in controlling the comfort of your home. Depending on the thermostat, you can operate it remotely, either from your Smartphone or computer. It takes advantage of the power of digital technology to ensure accuracy.

The device also provides an extra layer of flexibility for zoned spaces in residential or commercial buildings. For rooms upstairs or in the basement, it offers significant energy savings. Businesses can set it so the unit turns on during weekdays and goes off at specific times during the weekends.

You ought to keep in mind that there are different types of programmable thermostats with varying features. Some have to be set manually to turn on at specific times. Others can learn your day-to-day patterns and adjust accordingly.

4. Don’t Compromise on Efficiency

When looking for an AC system, you want a unit that will last. There are many configurations of heating and cooling systems, and it is advisable to choose an efficient design. If the unit is poorly chosen, it can overwork the components. In the long run, the equipment will break down and may require replacement.

You can ensure your heating system is the right fit for your home by consulting one of our experts. Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling provides AC repair and maintenance services for clients in Olathe, Kansas City and the surrounding areas. We can help you determine the ideal solution and the features you need to maximize comfort in your home.

Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling has more than 36 years of industry experience. Our professionals are known for their workmanship and exceptional customer care. You can count on us for quality heating, cooling, indoor air quality and geothermal services. For more information, visit our website or call us today.

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