Tips To Keep Bugs Out of AC Unit

July 27, 2021
Bugs in AC Unit in Olathe, KS

Having bugs crawling into your house through air conditioners can be unsettling. In most cases, this happens with a window air conditioning system. Bugs like great shelter, just the same way you do. Additionally, bugs might get into your home through the air conditioner simply because there is an entry point. Other reasons include a search for water or food.

Now that you understand that bugs may enter your house through your air conditioning unit, you might wonder what you need to do to keep them out. The following are various methods that are effective.

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Use Duct Tape

You don’t have to go to your neighborhood store and purchase any big tag tools. Simple duct tape is enough to keep the bugs away from your air conditioner. Essentially, the idea behind duct tape is to seal all the noticeable cracks that exist near the air conditioner. As you might guess, these cracks allow bugs to crawl through and into your house. With duct tape, you can seal very tiny cracks. However, if the cracks are any larger than an inch, then you should consider another solution. Duct tape won’t be as effective with larger cracks, and the duct tape will eventually come off.

Caulk the Bugs Out

With bigger cracks or openings, the tape might not be your best option. Most air conditioners come with extenders that can be used to keep the bugs out. However, these are not as effective in keeping the bugs out. In cases like this, sealing the cracks requires the use of caulk. Caulk is an affordable sealing agent that you can purchase from your neighborhood hardware store. Depending on your particular needs and sealing points, you can get malleable caulk, wood caulk, or rope caulk.

Install an AC Screening Material

An air conditioning casing is a casing that you put around the air conditioner to prevent bugs from entering. Typically, it’s the best option if your window air conditioner has gaps around it. However, with this option, you may lose the extra air quality you might have wanted. For better results, you should ensure that the screening fits well and that no gaps or cracks are left open.

Use Cardboard

If your home has been flowing with bugs of all kinds, then you probably have thought of using cardboard. Essentially, this is the cheapest option. If your air conditioner has accordion flaps, you can cover the openings with simple cardboard. All you have to do is find unused cardboard in your house and use an art knife to cut it into pieces that can fit into the holes. The good thing with cardboard is that with correct measurements, you can make the cardboard fit perfectly in each hole. With the cardboard pieces, you just cut and seal all the openings and cracks. The downside of this method is that it doesn’t look very nice.

Use Paper Towels

Using this method, you insert closely packed paper towels into the openings to seal them. The number of paper towels will depend on the size of the cracks and the location of the air conditioner. Once the paper towels are in place, use duct tape to seal them from any external damage, such as moisture or rain.

Move the Unit to a Bug-Free Zone

Your experience with bugs will depend on where you live in the U.S. If your house is in an area with a high number of crawling bugs, then you might want to keep your air conditioner in an area of your home that is less prone to bugs. You can do this by moving the AC to another room or changing its location. Finally, after moving the air conditioner, ensure that all the spaces around it are sealed.

Bugs and air conditioning are not words you would want mentioned in the same sentence. With these tips and tricks, however, you can maintain your comfort as well as protect your home from bugs. At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we can help you eradicate the bug entry points through our various solutions. In addition, we offer HVAC services such as heating and cooling repair, installation and AC maintenance services to Olathe and Kansas City residents. For help with bugs or any other home comfort services, call us at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, and get help today.

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