What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

March 16, 2021
Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is responsible for more than 3 million deaths around the world every year. Despite misconceptions, there are more pollutants in your indoor space than outdoors. There are many different types of contaminants you can find indoors. An air quality monitor is the surest way to determine the pollutants in an interior space. Here are some facts about indoor air monitors and why you may need one.

What Is an Indoor Air Monitor?

Indoor air quality monitors are sensors that can detect the presence of pollutants in a given area. Some are specialized to identify certain types of pollutants. But most devices available for residential use can capture data about different contaminants simultaneously.

Due to concerns over air pollution, there are air quality monitors that are more accessible and affordable. Unlike the older versions of bulky monitors, modern ones are cost-effective to use and have multiple features. They have varying capabilities to detect particles of different sizes and characteristics.

Why You Need Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Pollutants have health effects on the body. They can cause respiratory problems, as well as heart and liver complications and it’s part of why personal assessment to determine the level of exposure is necessary. If exposure to chemicals is high, occupants of the building need to visit medical professionals.

Monitoring may also be necessary for ensuring work and health safety. Indoor air pollution is responsible for decreased productivity in the workplace. Exposure to allergens in indoor spaces can raise the rate of absenteeism.

Temperature and humidity can contribute to the rapid spread of microbes and mold spores. When the levels of humidity are above or below optimal they can damage valuable items such as your furniture. Monitoring allows you to address issues with air pollution.

Monitoring will inform you of the next step you will take in case there is quantifiable proof of indoor pollution. You may need a dehumidifier to address large quantities of vapor in your premises. You can consult Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling in Olathe for a wide range of equipment to restore indoor air quality.

Monitoring Common Indoor Air Pollutants

There are many types of indoor pollution sensors mandated by the EPA. Most devices can detect the presence of particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, and VOCs.

The activities around the building can give you an idea of the pollutants you need to watch out for. For example, if you are using paints or adhesives, there is a high probability of VOCs that may contaminate the interior. During renovations, ensure there is adequate ventilation to prevent exposure to contaminants.

Particulate matter can be from fossil fuels from the house’s exterior or compounds from the HVAC system’s cooling tower. Combustion activities indoors and exhaust fumes from outdoors may increase quantities of particulate matter. If you live close to a highway, you may want to consider evaluating the levels of the contaminant in the building.

Combustion appliances and HVAC systems not only produce particulate matter but also toxic carbon monoxide gas. Aging HVAC units may have faults such as a defective venting system which can produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide detectors are necessary as part of building code and local regulations. Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling recommends an inspection of your CO and fire sensors in Olathe before winter. As an odorless and colorless gas, it can only be detected by a functioning sensor.

Importance of Monitoring and Controlling Humidity

In the muggy, sweltering summers in Olathe, humidity can impact the comfort of your home. Vapor and high temperatures create an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi, and mold spores to thrive. Dust mites and bacteria can enter the ductwork and will raise the risk of respiratory complications for occupants.

Excess moisture can cause wood to warp, and low levels of humidity may cause furniture to crack. If the level of humidity is high, you may notice pools of water on windows and surfaces due to condensation. You may need a dehumidifier to reduce the level of humidity in your Olathe home.

Addressing Indoor Air Pollution

An indoor air monitor can detect pollutants in your home. Before using an indoor air monitor, you will need to determine the pollutants you want to detect. The environment surrounding your home and the indoor activities can give you an idea of the contaminants present.

Knowledge, Skill, and Experience at Your Service

The team from Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling in Olathe has the requisite experience providing indoor air quality solutions. We service Carrier, Lennox, and many other brands and models of equipment. Our crew will be glad to help you with the repair, replacement, and maintenance of your furnace or air conditioner. For exceptional services in Olathe, contact Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling today.

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