When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

January 15, 2019

When to Replace FurnaceFurnaces require more attention than any of the other appliances you use in your home. Keeping up with the maintenance that your furnace requires can be difficult for a lot of Shawnee homeowners, and many end up waiting until there are larger problems before they ever call a professional to work on their furnace. In actuality, in order to ensure that your furnace lasts as long as possible and runs efficiently throughout its lifetime, the professional heating contractors at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling suggest you have a furnace tune-up at least once each year.

Still, even if you’re making sure your furnace gets the attention that it needs, you will eventually need to have the unit replaced. If you don’t watch out for signs that can warn you it’s close to time to replace the furnace, you may end up without heat in the coldest parts of the year.

Here are some signs to watch for that can indicate you need to have Furnace Replacement:

Your Furnace’s Age

Furnaces can often last for as long as sixteen to twenty years or more before they need to be replaced. However, that number depends on how well the furnace is treated, and without regular maintenance, it could drop to as few as seven to ten years, or even less.

If your home’s furnace is more than five years old, you should definitely start paying closer attention to it and considering whether or not it’ll need to be replaced soon. If you haven’t had a furnace tune-up recently, this is a good time to start having one performed every year. You also need to have any problems with your furnace taken care of as quickly as possible after they develop.

Your Home’s Energy Costs

If your home’s energy costs are on the rise and you can’t find an explanation, it could be that your furnace has some issues. Over time, all furnaces become less efficient, and that can end up causing your entire home’s energy efficiency to decline significantly. If your heating costs go up significantly and it’s not because you’re heating your home more often, you may need to replace your furnace.

The heating contractors at Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling can help you determine whether or not any problems can be fixed. A tune-up may be able to solve these problems and get your costs back down. If not, we can help with a replacement.

Look and Listen

Any hissing, rattling, squeaking, or clicking sounds coming from your furnace can all point to serious problems. Don’t ignore these sounds–have an HVAC Contractor inspect your system as soon as you start to notice them.

You should also be on the lookout for puddles, mold, rust, or soot around your Shawnee home’s furnace. Each of these things could point to bigger problems and they may indicate that your furnace needs to be replaced. Often, these problems can be repaired, but you should have these issues looked into as soon as possible.

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